Sustain Operational Excellence

Interested in sustaining operational excellence during financial crisis?

A company interested in sustained profitability and growth needs the development of optimal operational processes. Many times, companies adopt workarounds, ad-hoc procedures which might cause unwanted effects on the long run.

Usually, complicated processes lead to unjustified increase of costs and organizational complexity.

Intensity Consulting can help your company attain excellence in operations in the following areas:
– Business process optimization;
– Customer operations best practices;
– Sales operations best practices, tested by other companies of other industrial segments;
– Quality improvement plans.

Our consultancy services include:
– Alignment of operations to business strategy;
– Identify the right operational levers that deliver best results for the company;
– Cut cost programs for operations;
– Introducing in the company’s operational processes the best practices of other industries;
– Implement performance measures adapted to current market context.

Benefits of our Clients:
Reduce costs by improving quality, eliminating redundant activities or optimizing business processes;
Build competitive advantage by focusing on operational excellence;
Knowledge transfer by working together with client internal teams in order to adapt programs to specific conditions;