For Your Strategy

Interested to adapt your strategy to the new crisis conditions?
The essence of a strategic planning is to establish a framework for leaders to take decisions today which will affect the company in the risky and unclear future environment.

Planning and optimizing the strategy means to handle the following topics:
– Determine market potential and identify opportunities;
– Establish objectives;
– Identify risks and problems that might appear;
– Manage operations and encourage growth;
– Validate hypothesis and assumptions;
– Examine alternative strategies;
– Designate resources needed.

Intensity Consulting guides your internal team to design and optimize the strategic plan which will ensure company success in the actual economic context.

Competition is chasing your customers. Do you always manage to keep them?
Losing a client is a supplementary cost. Companies know it, but not always have the mechanism to retain them.

Sometimes is the lack of:
– Understanding why customers want to leave;
– Segmenting of the customers based on value and reason;
– Optimizing of the customer win-back procedures;
– Effectiveness of the internal business processes;
– Optimization of supervision instruments.

Intensity Consulting helps you discover the reasons why the clients want to leave, to create and implement a strategy and procedures of winning them back, based on the best practices in the field and an optimal monitoring mechanism.