For Your Clients

Do you want to expand Share-of-Wallet and Market Share?

Most of the programs developed for the existing clients are not optimized at maximum potential.
Many times, there is a lack of client-oriented strategy, efficient internal processes, adaptability of organizational culture, segmenting based on client value, the creation of a personal relationship with the client or the implementation of successful politics.

Intensity Consulting can help you assess and revitalize or develop programs for higher revenue.

Interested in converting unhappy customers in loyal customers?

Any company might get customer complaints from time to time.
Sometimes companies get emotionally involved in complaints, and do not consider how many satisfied customers do not contact them. Other times, companies forget how useful can be a customer’s complaint.
An unhappy customer can become a loyal one if his problem is resolved effectively.

Intensity Consulting provides assessments, processes and training that enable you to turn complaints into advantages.

Lost customers have the recipe for your success. Interested in gaining them back?

Due to the lack of time, or maybe expertise, some companies do not give enough importance to analyzing customers stolen by competition.
Even if he knows your weaknesses, a lost customer can become a potential client.

Intensity Consulting helps you discover what lost customers think about your company versus your competitor. Together we can build a plan to regain lost customers and make them loyal.