Sales and Distribution Management

Do you want to increase efficiency in own stores or distribution partners?

We help organizations create a shared destiny with their distribution partners, leading them to buy and sell more of their products than ever before. We do it by developing dealer specific programs, starting from the understanding of needs, operation method and preferences that distributors have.

In the same time, we support companies to increase efficiencies in stores/distribution channels by employee engagement, internal business process optimization, and performing balanced sales incentive schemes, aligned with the company’s strategic directions.

Our consultancy services include:
– Strengthen dealer partnerships and account management;
– KPIs for dealers, to increase efficiency of the distribution channel;
– Program offerings for dealership channel;
– Sales boost incentives for stores and partners;
– Developing strategies for aligning distributors to company’s strategic directions;
– Channel and shops analysis;
– Optimization of sales processes;
– Developing sales growth communication campaigns;

Benefits for our Clients:
– Increased sales and client satisfaction rates by optimizing the incentive schemes;
– Keeping the number of distributors, by developing a long-term relationship;
– Knowledge transfer by working together with client internal teams in order to adapt programs to specific conditions;