Customer Value Growth

Do you want to expand turn-over?

Business growth is a key metric of any successful organization. Every time a customer makes contact with your company, regardless of the communication channel, you are faced with the opportunity to increase its lifetime value.

Cross-selling to existing customers is the easiest and most profitable way to increase the level of sales, as your customers are already familiar with your brand, and have a history of buying at least one of your products. By taking advantage of this brand familiarity, the likelihood of selling them another product or service is increased. A client who uses multiple products or services has a higher lifetime value and also the probability to be more loyal.

By analyzing internal data and processes, Intensity Consulting helps you centralize your customer data, enrich them and use them for generating supplementary income. If you focus on the most profitable customers, you will efficiently increase your income.

Our consultancy services include:
– Life-cycle customer contact strategy;
– Consumption boosting offer development;
– Cross-sales programs implementation;
– Up-sales programs implementation;
– Developing the segmentation of customers based on demographics and user data;
– Customer referral program design.

Benefits for you as Client:
Increased revenue through selling of additional products or services;
More loyal customers by using more services or products or increased number of purchases;
Knowledge transfer by working together with your internal teams in order to adapt programs to specific conditions;