Customer Loyalty & Retention Improvement

Do you want to retain your customers?

Customers are the mainstay of any business and getting new customers and then keeping them is a crucial element. It is important to always stay one step ahead of competition in order to get and retain customers.

Many times customers will follow people, therefore retaining your employees is also a factor in retaining customers.

While you are working hard to attract new customers, in order to maintain growth, your existing customers expect the same personal communication they had when you first attracted them. Do not forget that it costs much less to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one.

We can support you in developing a strong relationship with your customers in order to build trust and loyalty. Loyal customers will generate word-of-mouth referrals to other prospective customers.

Even if your company might get complaints from time to time, we coach you how treat them as valuable information for you. Do not forget that an unsatisfied customer, who has been treated with professionalism in solving fast his problem, can be transformed into a loyal customer.

Our consultancy services include:
– Proactive customer retention programs;
– Reactive customer retention programs;
– Loyalty programs development;
– Complaint management strategy optimization;
– Developing strategies of customer segmentation;
– Win-back customers program development;
– Customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys;
– Analyzing the reasons why clients leave;
– Integrate customer information data in a centralized system;
– Sales force bonus schemes optimized by including the loyalty factor;
– Surveys on the level of employee satisfaction;
– Workshops on how to best retain customers.

Benefits for you as Client:
Profit increase through the optimization of the customer retention and loyalty policy;
Operational efficiency by creating retention offers specific for each client segment;
Knowledge transfer to the internal teams of the client, implementation work being carried out together with them;