Customer Experience Management

Do you want to become a customer-oriented company?

Successful companies know their customers’ needs and fulfill them. Truly successful companies are in tune with their customers’ future needs, and keep a pulse on industry trends and competition. They know their customers as well as they know themselves. Such companies are structured and oriented on the client (outward) and they are leaders in product development, sales management, and marketing.

Intensity Consulting can help your company become more customer-oriented in the following areas:
– Marketing Planning & Strategy;
– Sales & Distribution Management;
– Product Management;
– Customer Segmentation;
– Customer Loyalty & Retention;
– Operational Management.

The main reason why customers decide not to buy something is doubt that reality will match or exceed their expectations. For example, if the performance of a product is lower than the customers’ expectations, customers will be unsatisfied and will avoid repurchasing from the producer in the future. Therefore, expectations are pivotal to understanding customer experience management.

Customers’ expectations are built through past buying experience, advises from friends or family, as well as information and promises made by companies in the market.

A client-oriented company makes all its business decisions with the customer’s point of view in mind. To be customer-oriented, everyone inside a company should gain a thorough understanding of customer expectations, monitor customer data relevant to their role, and use it to make a difference on a continual basis.

Our consultancy services include:
– Assessment of the current customer experience;
– Design and document the optimal customer experience for each type of interaction;
– Re-alignment of the company market promises with the real customer experience;
– Development and implementation of instruments to ensure the optimal transition towards becoming a customer oriented company;
– Design and implement KPIs linked with rewards and other incentives.

Benefits for you as Client:
Drive profit through retaining your customers by consistently satisfying and exceeding their expectations;
Create competitive advantage by capitalizing on the ‘customer’ as a means to differentiate from the competition;
Knowledge transfer by working together with client internal teams in order to adapt programs to specific conditions;