Customer Acquisition Optimization

AIM and HIT – this is the idea. What are you doing to make that happen?

Faced with fierce competition, the ability to expand your customer base profitably is the first factor in the success of your business. It is crucial for your offer to target the right customers, at the right time, with the right methods.

Our services include:
– Development of a marketing program differentiated on customer segments;
– Design of specific offers for each customer segment;
– Production of communication materials;
– Competitive market assessment;
– Market studies for understanding the needs of potential clients;
– Organization of seminaries and events;
– Organization and centralization of information about the client in a single database;
– Promotion campaigns.

The success of a customer acquisition program is judged by the value that is added during the customer lifecycle. This should be considered as the first step toward the creation of a long-term relationship and will also open a road for other profit opportunities, through future cross-selling.

Benefits for you as Client:
Help you be successful in increasing sales effectiveness;
Marketing expertise gained though years of expertise in multinational companies;
Knowledge transfer by working together with the client’s internal teams in order to adapt programs to specific conditions;